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    Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
    2:35 am
    The new trailer for Half-blood Prince has been released and it is amazing. I'm so freaking excited! I thought about waiting until I could see it in cinemas and decided not to and it is awesome,I'm so excited. Here is the official msn movies page which links to a high quality version, top of the page atm.

    Although, am I the only one who finds Dumbledore at the end hilarious? ... No.

    And even though I'm generally not that all about the films that dumdum dumdumdum dumdum dum, dum dumdumdum dum-dum music sends chills down my spine. It's so perfect!

    Current Mood: excited
    Sunday, July 27th, 2008
    3:41 am
    Why Do You Like Snape?
    Question for people who like Snape, why do you think you do?

    If you don't like Snape I'm still interested in your Snapey thoughts, but I was discussing this with the lovely [info]empathic_siren and the lame [info]son_of_darkness the other day and thought I'd ask other people, if anyone's reading this ;).

    So, snapely thoughts anyone?
    Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
    4:25 am
    Arg, Semagic and talking out of my AS/S
    So, thinking that I would like to update my journal once in a while I got Semagic, but I really want things to go out to ij as well, on principal if nothing else I tried to followthese instructions, but I just get an error message, which is highly frustrating. Also, I tried going to sleep sensibly hours ago and yet I'm still awake!

    What I feel like talking about now is AS/S. Just over a year ago today little Albus Severus and Scorpius were released in the epilogue and I must say the AS/S part of fandom makes me ever greatful for that epilogue. Though I minded it less than other people did. AS/S Love Down Here )

    So, in closing, tee hee, AS/S is funny because it's like a word for bottom.

    I love Harry Potter and this fandom so much it sometimes nearly hurts. At least nine years after reading the first two books and just over 5 years in HP fandom have passed for me and I'm still just so excited about it. I'm broke, yet trying to convince myself £500-600 is a sensible amount to spend to go and bask in Harry Potterness. Thisis from someone who spends time with friends met through Harry Potter at least once a week. I am crap at contributing to fandom, but god do I love it. I love all you people, even if I don't know it enough.

    On a sad note, I decided I do not have the time I wish I did to devote to [info]life_ahead where I played Dean from the start. I do however majorly love the people there and it helped me so much cement what DH and the post DH world should be to me. Sometimes I forget bits of it aren't canon!
    Sunday, December 2nd, 2007
    3:47 pm
    The amazingly talented [info]snegurochka_lee wrote me a ficlet because I beta'd her [info]merry_smutmas and [info]smutty_claus fics (which were such a pleasure to do anyway) and I am totally not worthy.
    Bill, Charlie, implied Ron/Draco | 579 words | R
    it so funny and adorable and wonderful and yay!

    Thank you darling and merry smutty christmas to all!

    (there are also other wonderful, wonderful ficlets there for her other betas too)
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